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Into all the 

Preaching the gospel, making disciples, and connecting people to God's life and promises... in person and through media platforms

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Andrew in action preaching and creating!


All About Into all the World

Andrew is a seasoned Motivational Speaker and known for transforming the lives of audiences. His talks are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds, and inspired leaders from a variety of industries. A strategic approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective, Into all the World will help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals.

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We value and need the prayers of God's people. We appreciate those who stand with us in prayer and who stand with us financially so that we can continue to operate as an effective ministry and do everything that God has called us to do. 

This includes purchasing equipment, hiring people, and going where the Lord has called us to go. If you feel to give, click on the donate button below.

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